Come and visit us

View from our flat. Incentive enough?

If you’ve never been to Malta, Wikipedia has a great overview. During our scouting trip, we found a beautifully furnished modern flat in Sliema, a popular spot with expatriates due its shops and restaurants, as well as its proximity to St. Julians – Malta’s main coastal resort. Its 10-minute ferry ride to the beautiful capitol of Valletta is fantastic since many cultural activities take place there (like the free concert, Isle of MTV!). None of us have lived a city life, so we’re excited to be minimalists, taking only clothes and small creature comforts from home.

That said, on the right, you’ll see a calendar…that’s a hint to come and see us. You can click on the Google+ icon and propose dates you’d like to come.

Our First Field Trip

My wife Linda and I made our first trip to Malta recently. She has been recruited to head up marketing for a new family entertainment start-up. They brought us to the island to seek residence and look at the schools for our two children. We both immediately fell in love with this small, island country.  Rich in history, this will be an experience like no other for our Californian family.


The entrance of the Grand Harbour from the Upper Gardens of Valletta.

Malta is just south of Sicily in the Mediterranean. Centrally located as it is to Europe, the Middle East and North Africa, we look forward to exploring.

Right now we have just over 30 days to liquidate, store or prepare for shipping!  Our meeting this morning since our return was all about putting together a calendar of events so that we don’t feel paralyzed by the numerous tasks in preparation to our move.

One big item that is out of the way: We already have secured an apartment in Sliema, close to Linda’s new workplace. School’s are still under debate, but we have narrowed it down to St. Edwards College or San Anton School, both outstanding schools that can accommodate both our 9 and 16 year olds.

So off we go!