Why Donald Trump WANTS to be Impeached in his First Year


Donald Trump has swept up the world in the most controversial Presidential election of the century. Against all odds, and contrary to nearly every poll leading into the final days before election night, he has surprised everyone.

Even himself.

Let’s step back to the 4 weeks prior to November 7. Polls were showing Hillary Clinton in the lead. The damage from so many stories about Trump’s mysoginy, sexual assault allegations, racism and an endless stream of his own inflammatory remarks seemed like the end of the historic run. Then, in a letter to Congress, James Comey of the FBI stated that they had new information that might re-open their investigations into Hillary Clinton’s private email scandal, not to mention a weak link to shamed politician Anthony Weiner and the race tightened.

Yet Donald continued to rail that the system was rigged. That our democracy was a sham, despite the fact that the race looked neck-and-neck.

I would argue that Donald Trump expected to lose at this point. Rumors were plentiful that he was going to take this newfound popularity and use it to start a multi-million dollar media company, even as difficult as that might be. Access to Media is changing rapidly from a cable provided system to on-demand and device independent subscriptions. One could argue that the inner circle he was surrounding himself with was preparing for just that. They now own the entire GOP database of registered voters, not to mention the growing nationalist alt-right movement. That’s a lot of viewers.

Fast forward to today and you have a President Elect that is scrambling to make appointments that they never expected to make, a man who is now looking at being a public servant in public housing for the next 4 years, with all of the round the clock scrutiny that the President of the United States gets from the ‘corrupt’ press. You see where I am going…

So, in the first year I predict that President Trump will be impeached. It will look like some kind of witch hunt, and he will label it as rigged, but think of what he gets! A completely Republican run Executive and Legislative branches, all of the key cabinet appointments in place, key appointment in the Supreme Court, and finally, a pocket President in Mike Pence.

Not to mention a lifetime supply of taxpayer paid Secret Service protection for his whole family.

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